Carlos Santana Walks Off Against The Red Sox In the 9th And The Indians Are In 1st Place!!!

He called BALLGAME!!! For the 2nd straight game, Carlos Santana wins it in his last at-bat. And for the first time since April 20th, the Indians have sole possession of 1st place in the AL Central.


How do you like them apples, Minnesota? They’ve always said that an 11.5 game lead in June is the worst lead in baseball, and the Twins just proved that again. Hey Twins:


It’s time to stop worrying about those frauds. We’re on two different trajectories. They’re in the thick of the wild card race, and we’re eyeing what needs to be done to get to the World Series. Now is the time to sure up what needs to be ready for the playoff run. And right now, that starts with Brad Hand. Two straight days of blowing saves? Come on buddy. That’s not how a closer needs to act, especially with our starting pitching and bullpen that has been unreal all year. But to his defense, he does have two wins in two days. Not bad when you think about it.

**Thoughts and prayers to the Red Sox and their fans. They’re DONE.