Wake Up With Wade Boggs Hitting The First Home Run In Devil Rays History
Wade Boggs on the Devil Rays just feels dirty. This is like Emmitt Smith on the Cardinals, Brett Favre on the Vikings, Shaq on the Celtics/Suns/Cavs, Allen Iverson on the Pistons, just take your pick. It was only right that the chicken man was the guy who knocked in the first dong for that shitty franchise. I didn't think the Trop could get any worse than it looked now, but man, an Outback Steakhouse sign in right center makes it so much worse. But back to Boggs, yeah the guy is a member of the 3,000 hit club, one of the best hitters ever, an absolute legend, World Series champion, but him hitting the first homer of the Devil Rays/Rays franchise is just weird. I don't like it. Wonder how many beers it would take Boggs to forget that he played for Tampa.