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Bray Wyatt Made A Disturbing Re-Debut At SummerSlam And His Entrance Was AMAZING
Last night in Toronto at WWE's annual SummerSlam pay-per-view, Bray Wyatt wrestled his very first match as 'THE FIEND' against Finn Bálor aimed to reintroduce him to wrestling fans, and boy did he ever leave a mark! Actually, before I get into this one, allow me to clarify something - when I say last night's use of Bray was to "reintroduce" him to wrestling fans, I don't necessarily mean they want fans to forget everything they know about him, just that a gimmick change is happening. For example, Mick Foley was a guy who had multiple character - Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love, etc. - and THIS Bray ain't old Bray, but I digress.
I was actually at a Hootie & The Blowfish concert with my mom while this was all happening, because as I've stated in the past, I kinda feel out of touch with the WWE product shortly following WrestleMania, when the creative reeeeaaaally went to shit, but I've since caught up on all of the big talking points, and it seems SummerSlam was actually a pretty decent show. Nobody's really talking about the show, though, as everybody's focused entirely on this 'Fiend' entrance!
Personally, loved it, just like everybody else, but I will say I'm not fully sold on this "new" Bray Wyatt just yet. Yeah, last night was promising, and the Firefly Funhouse has been incredibly well-received thus far, but I've gotta see proof that the WWE won't ruin him just as they ruined the "old" Bray, and I've gotta hear some substance in his promos. Last go-around it felt like he just said the same exact shit week-to-week, and nobody cared just because his delivery was always on point, but that ain't enough for me! I'd like to know what the hell this guy is talking about! Oh, and 'The Fiend' stinks as a nickname. I'm sorry but it just does. Probably a Vince McMahon idea.
Obviously, that Bray Wyatt severed head lantern he walked out with and the theme remix were SMASH hits, though…
In the match, he mauled Finn Bálor, which is a bit annoying (they just LOVE having Bálor eat pinfalls), but whatever, and he even snapped his neck at one point, whiiiiiiiiiich probably shouldn't happen anymore!
Don't want kids trying that one out on each other. That'd be bad. Hopefully the future is bright for The Fiend, though, because people love him right now. Strike while the iron's hot, WWE!