The Road Back To The Green

I maxed out my account last week like a complete asshole so obviously Monday is a stressful day. Your first bet is the most important one so you don't have to sweat out being down even more. So each game my livelihood is on the line so lets pick carefully.

MLB  -

Red Sox -120 @ Indians

The Indians just came off a very entertaining and stressful series against the Twins. The Red Sox are still struggling but it always seems like they play well with Rodriguez on the mound. The sox are also coming off two bad losses to the Angels and they just have to win. What a shit show they have been. Plesac has been pretty good this year for with a 3 era but I think the Red Sox win this game with ease.

Pick Red Sox -120 

Extra -

 Blue Jays -125 

This is a big night where I need to win because the bookie is breathing down my neck. Pray for me. #Ridewithmush