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Eric Murdock Files Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Rutgers

NBC - A former Rutgers University employee who made public the video that led to the basketball coach’s dismissal and athletic director’s resignation has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the university. Eric Murdock filed the lawsuit Friday in state court, claiming the university violated the state’s employee protection act and his contract. Murdock, who played in the NBA for nine seasons, was the director of player of development for the program. His contract wasn’t renewed in July. He said he was let go after a dispute with Rice about skipping the coach’s youth basketball camp and, ultimately, because he complained to university officials about Rice’s mistreatment of players. Murdock claims the school violated state anti-bullying law and a Rutgers policy put in place after the September 2010 suicide of student Tyler Clementi, who killed himself after learning that his roommate had used a webcam to watch him kiss another man. “Despite their obligations under New Jersey law and the university’s own policy, neither the presidents of the university, the athletic director nor any other university representatives took any steps to assure that the rights of the student-athlete members of the men’s basketball program were protected from assault (both physical and verbal), battery, harassment, intimidation, bullying, defamation and other unlawful conduct,” the lawsuit states.

Eric Murdock is such a fucking chump. He really is. This guy played 9 years in the NBA and you’re telling me he never had a coach like Mike Rice? That he was shocked to see a coach act like this? Bullshit. The only reason he narc’d on him was because they didn’t get along. Because Murdock tried to run his own competing basketball camp vs. the Rutgers basketball camp and he got fired for it. I don’t know what Murdock did with all the money he made in the NBA, but clearly he’s just looking for an easy paycheck now. That’s the whole shame of this fiasco. I’d bet my life him taping the practices and exposing Rice had nothing to do with his teams or players best interest. Eric Murdock was trying to make a fast buck plain and simple.