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Nobody In The World Loves Popping Balloons More Than This Legend Right Here

I firmly believe that everybody was put on this Earth for a reason. Unfortunately, many people go their entire lives without ever finding what their one true purpose in life is supposed to be. It’s way so many people are out there constantly bitching about their shitty ass jobs that they hate working at. But there are people who were put on this planet to be incredible athletes. There are people who were put on this planet to be incredible scientists and advance civilization further. There are people who were put on this planet to be great leaders.

And then there was one man put on this planet to be the best balloon popper in the world. And I just couldn’t be happier to know that man has found his one true purpose in life, and he is now living it to its fullest extent.

You ask almost anybody else in the world and they’ll tell you that there are maybe 6 or 7 different ways you can pop a balloon. You can squeeze it really hard, you can poke it with something like scissors, you can put it under some heat, you can…well now that I think about it, I think I can only come up with 3 different ways. The point is that most people simply aren’t imaginative enough to put on a balloon popping performance like this one. But when my guy over here was breaking out some pops like these…


…that’s when I knew that we were watching greatness in action. The imagery. The precision. The overall showmanship. This man has everything you could ever ask for out of an elite balloon popper.

It’s just crazy to think that we could have been born at any time throughout the course of human history, and we are all just so fortunate to have been born during the same time period as this legend. Don’t take that for granted.

P.S. – I think it’s about time to bring back “It’s Saturday, Let’s Get Weird”