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It Looks Like The Warriors Are Going For Their Own Version Of The Raptors Jurassic Park

Holy christ that thing is absolutely gigantic. I know Steph was just out on the highway talking about how he’s going to miss Oracle

but are we sure he’s seen what’s going down at the Chase Center? Given that tickets to Warriors games are now going to be a billion dollars, maybe this is the play instead. I envision this sort of like the Raptors Jurassic Park only in way better weather with much higher quality weed. If you can’t get inside the building this seems like it would be a pretty legit alternative, and who knows maybe if the Warriors get healthy and go on a run they’ll have their own version of this

To me, if you’re a true Dubs fan this is where you’re going to want to be. Inside the arena is going to be all the rich corporate people who aren’t going to have the same passion that we’ve come to expect at Oracle which is going to stink. The passionate ones are the We Believe Warriors fans and the ones that have been priced out with this move. It’s also pretty genius by the Warriors because what better way to distract everyone from a team that will be without Klay for a long stretch than to have a kick ass watch party outside the arena. Maybe E-40 has a concert out there or something, but this is a great idea from everyone involved.

Now here’s the biggest question. Will the Dubs make this free? With Jurassic Park up in Toronto, it’s completely free to get in and enjoy yourself. Sure you may have to wait a billion hours, but it’s worth it. That’s what makes it such an awesome experience. Now, the Warriors have a hefty bill to pay for this new arena, but I really hope they aren’t cocksuckers and choose make this free for all the real Warriors fans. Put concessions, put merch if you want, but this thing has to be free to get into. They already make so much goddamn money, leave this for the people since you ripped the team out of a city in which they spent the last 47 years.