Men Are 20 Times More Likely To Die Exercising Than Women


Daily MailMen are 20 times more likely to experience sudden cardiac death during exercise than women, new research has revealed. For every one million male athletes, 10 will suffer sudden cardiac death. In contrast, among female athletes, there is only one death for every two million people. Medical Daily reports that the researchers, from Paris Descartes University, studied people taking part in moderate to vigorous exercise and that they primarily focused on cycling, jogging and swimming. They included in their figures deaths that occurred within an hour of the person stopping exercising. They were interested in people who had suffered sudden cardiac death – which occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating.  This is different to a heart attack, which is the name given to the condition where the blood flow to the heart becomes blocked. In contrast, sudden cardiac death occurs when the electrical impulses that control the heart’s beat fail. The researchers found that men were most likely to die while cycling – for every one million male cyclists, 6.6 suffered sudden cardiac death.  By contrast, only 0.3 female cyclists per million experienced sudden cardiac death. Swimming was safer, with just one male death per million swimmers. Only 0.2 women per million die while swimming. The French scientists carried out their research by asking emergency workers across France about their experiences of sudden cardiac death. They discovered that between 2005 and 2010, 775 people in the country suffered sudden cardiac death while exercising. Of these people, only 35 were women. Both men and women were found to be in greater danger after the age of 35 – the average age of death among the men was 46, and it was 44 among the women.

As if I needed and more encouragement to avoid exercise. Now it turns out theres like a 200% chance I’ll fuckin die if I do it. Because this study is conducted based on one million “male athletes.” So since I’m a piece of shit out of shape blogger, whatever the percentage chance there is of dying is increased exponentially for me. Right now there’s probably like 0ne million men in the world riding their bikes somewhere. Which means if I even so much as fucking look at a bicycle right now, I’ll drop dead. I might avoid the shower because there’s a chance I’ll drown. And forget about running. If there was a fire in my apartment and I had to run to escape the flames I’d just let myself burn up. I’m gonna die either way, might as well go out the same way I came in – lazy.