Seeing That "Yankees Fan" Openly Cheering "Let's Go Mets" Last Night At Citi Field Was Repulsive And Made Me Puke


I threw up seeing this fan at Citi Field last night. I was downright disgusted. He made me sick. This guy should fined, arrested, tried in court, and be stripped of all decision making moving forward in his life. At the very least I hope he gets stuck in the worst traffic jam of all-time today. Stubs his toe. Gets a splinter. Something unfortunate needs to happen. If I knew this guy I would immediately block his number from my phone. Can’t have these kind of people associating themselves with me moving forward. You have to draw a line at some point with friends, no matter how many or how little you have.

I mean how do people like this guy exist? How could you rock a Mariano Rivera jersey to Citi Field and root for the Mets openly like that? I get it if all your buddies are Mets fans and they’re doing a night at the game. It’s a good night for baseball, so if you don’t want FOMO you put on a regular shirt, drink a ton of beer, bet on the Nats, and enjoy the game incognito. I would never be caught dead doing that, but I wouldn’t disparage someone who went with that strategy. That’s the only excuse to go to a Mets game in August, aside from like your wife dragging you there.

Still, if you opt to rock the Mariano jersey (STUNNING it just had the number on the back) under no circumstances can you be caught chanting “Let’s go Mets” on TV. I would rather die than do that. Die. Have some goddamn integrity and backbone one time.

Is this the 2019 we live in? Yankees-Mets fans just rooting for New York baseball? Repulsive. Not my Earth. Clean it up.