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ESPN's Statement On Chad Ford Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

If you missed it, yesterday we found out that Chad Ford has retroactively been changing his Draft Predictions to make himself look like a genius.

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ESPN’s Statement – After reviewing the post on Reddit today, we have found that changes were made manually to Chad Ford’s NBA Draft prospects rankings. We have not been able to determine who made the changes, or when. We have talked to Chad Ford, who strongly denies any involvement, and based on his past work and professionalism, we believe him. Our review will continue but it is unclear at this time if we will be able to ascertain who was responsible.




How the hell do I get a job at ESPN? That is the most incredible statement/defense of an employee I have ever seen in my life. Think about what ESPN just said. Really think about it. They basically said that an unknown person went into ESPN’s archives and changed a bunch of shit around to specifically make Chad Ford look awesome. Chad Ford somehow ran into the single friendliest hacker of all time. Most people get fucked with on the internet to make themselves look bad but not Chad Ford, whoever fucked with Chad Ford just wanted him to look even smarter. My only question is how Chad Ford convinced ESPN of this? How did that phone conversation go down?


-Hey Chad, looks like something weird has been happening to your draft predictions.

– Oh yeah, it wasn’t me, must have been some other guy or something.

-Ok cool Chad, thanks for being so honest.


End Scene.