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Yasiel Puig Literally Waving The Twins Lead Goodbye After 104 Days Of Chasing Them Was A Beautiful Sight To See

So after being down 11.5 games on June 3rd, the Indians have stormed all the way back and caught the Twins last night in the AL Central. Lots of credit needs to be dished out for this monumental comeback. We will not discuss the Twins monumental choke job…..yet. But yes, credit to Terry Francona, who always has him teams playing better in the 2nd half. Credit to Shane Bieber and Mike Clevinger, who have more than held down the fort in the absence of Kluber and Carrasco. Credit to Kipnis and Jose who are BACK. Credit to the unexpected help of Mercado, Plesac, Plutko, etc. Credit to me for being the only Indians fan to keep the faith (even though I welcome all of you back). And honestly, credit to Yasiel Puig for bringing the spark we needed to finally get over the hump here in August.

3 for 5 last night in the biggest game of the season, and I refuse to believe that him waving goodbye TWICE in this game to the Twins players was anything other than him saying goodbye to their lead in the Cental.


I know he said he just likes to tell the defense “Hi, what’s up?” knowing that he’s going to be safe and they can’t stop him….but EVERYONE knows there was a little symbolism behind it, too. A little hidden message to the fraudulent Twins and their fans. A wave to say it was a pleasure chasing you for the last 104 days, now we’re passing you. See you later!

This Yasiel Puig dude is one of us. ONE OF US! ONE OF US! This move was so Cleveland right now. Tito Francona loved it too.

Tribe / Twins tonight at 7:10. Plutko is on the mound — huge fan of his, but when everyone’s healthy, what is he? Our 7th pitcher? The Twins need this one bad. If we take the first 3 in Minnesota and take the lead with Plutko on the mound….yikes. The Tribe might win this division by 10 games.