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Hey This Review Of Cutler On KFC Radio Is Pretty Good


(Reddit)Keep in mind these are not professional football bloggers haha. Jay is a big fan of the website and KFC (blue pullover that kinda looks like Kevin Bacon and avid Jets fan, Barstool NY), Big Cat (neon hood, on Chicago Barstool segment and avid Bears fan), and Feitelberg (blonde, looks like Ryan Gosling, Barstool Boston) invited him on.

The standard organization of the podcast is Barstool Sports readers/commentators (you think reddit is bad) call in and ask hypothetical or real questions. Jay seems like a funny guy and he has some pretty funny cutting retorts. He talks about the “don’t caaare” meme and a bunch of other NFL stuff including the rule changes along with genuine, candid Jay Cutler conversation with some funny guys (imo). Worth the 50 minutes if you have free time.


Yea we talked about the donnnn’t caaaarrrre meme and a bunch of NFL stuff and Jay seems cool and has cutting retorts and — wait. What’s that? I look like Ryan Gosling!?! Oh FUCK yeah, Reddit! I was having the shittiest day until BigCat (he’s the guy who doesn’t look like a celebrity, big Bears fan though) sent this to me. Now I’m just floating around on Cloud 9. Only care in the world is what I’m gonna do when I go outside and chick’s start swarming me. I guess just be strong, silent, and brooding? Seems to work for Gosling. Ryan and I (or “me and Ryan,” what’s the difference really?) let our looks speak for themselves.



PS – it’s bonkers that Jay thinks he could train for a month then beat me at hockey. I maintain that the skill gap is larger when it comes to me being better than him at hockey than the gap is when it comes to him being better than me at football. I can do the basic football stuff, he can’t do the basic hockey stuff.

I’ll officially throw down the gauntlet, Jay. Take as many months as you want to train. Gosling Feitelberg v. Cutler: The Challenge.