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(This is definitely going to change by the time I hit publish on the blog)

I don’t know if it’s the Advil PM talking or the adrenaline wearing off after an especially dramatic game. But holy shit that was fun and holy shit am I not ready for meaningful August games let alone potentially meaningful September games. We knew tonight was going to be a slobberknocker and it delivered. Marcus Stroman striking out 7 batters the first time through the lineup while screaming like a maniac with the rabid Mets fans behind him, the Mets scored 3 runs while leaning on Stephen Strasburg, battled through big hits by those motherfuckers Juan Soto and Anthony Rendon before Toddy Too Hotty (from Toms River, NJ) tied the game off the Mets personal pinata Sean Doolittle then Michael Conforto ended it to give the Mets their first win while trailing after 8 this season before unleashing some Conforto Bombs on us as the hot boys try to cool those puppies down.

We also got to see Dom’s fresh new wheels with his fantastic vanity license plate


Pete Alonso tweeting a rap God’s words mere minutes after the game is over

As well as creating a new piece of memorabilia for Mets fans lore

And best of all, Citi Field being ELECTRIC. Fans were going crazy from the first pitch and even crazier at the last. We always say that Mets fans deserve a great team because they are a bunch of rabid dogs and go to another level when they have a decent team not to mention a crazy bastard like Marcus Stroman on the bump, with Stromom being the new unofficial face of Mets fans

While other Mets fans are calling home runs before they even happen


Weirdo Yankees fans who wear Yanks jerseys to opposing teams stadiums were rooting for the good guys

And both young as well as old Mets fans got RAUCOUS after the game

Now we continue to keep the wheel going tomorrow with Noah on the mound followed by Day Game deGrom on Sunday. Time

I hope everybody is enjoying their ride on this crazy train, because I don’t know if we are making it to the station or flying right through a wall. But we are in it together and there is no group of sick fucks I’d rather be riding it with



I don’t know if any of this blog made a lick of sense because the Advil PM has hit like a Pete Alonso swing and I have relapsed like all the other sick twisted Mets fans who were gutted sometime in June or July

But we are back and doing Instagram Lives on the We Gotta Believe IG handle.

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Lets fucking go Mets. One more to go.