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Does The Big 12's Horns Down Rule Show How Sensitive Society Is Today? Baker Mayfield Thinks So


It's been one of the stories of the 2018 season that has leaked into the lead up to the season which is 15 days away: Horns Down.

Unfortunately, the Big 12 has decided that doing the popular Horns Down celebration is not allowed on their field of play.


Baker Mayfield, who was on the wildly popular podcast Pardon My Take, let his thoughts known on such rule:


If you have a problem with Baker's thoughts on this, you have to at least respect that he stands behind it. He spent his summer teaching the youth about his Horns Down movement:


Back in the day, football was referred to as the gladiator sport. It was reflection of society. Hard nosed. Tough. Unfortunately, football is still a reflection of society. Soft. If you don't like the Horns Down celebration, Baker Mayfield knows that and he's speaking up when others are afraid.

I respect it. Horns Down forever. Don't let the