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An Ode To The Scrunch Butt Bikini



I’d like to thank this time to salute whoever invented this glorious bathing suit. Known as the “Scrunch Butt,” the “Pucker Back”, or the “Butterfly Bikini,” its truly a thing of beauty. Its like a thong, but not. Which gives even normal, run of the mill chicks the courage to wear them. Butt cheeks not fully exposed, but scrunched directly up your ass like a thong, its the perfect compromise of sexy. Some show more than others, but all of them show enough. It gets rid of that bubble that sometimes exists between ass cheeks on a normal bikini bottom. It gives your cheeks that round look. All you need to do is rub some sand on your ass and you’ll look like a Sports Illustrated model.

So a big thank you goes to whoever invented the Scrunch Butt Bikini and all the girls that wear them. Summer time has been that much more enjoyable this year with your bikini bottoms shoves slightly up your butt.

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