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A Truck Hauling A Bunch Of Pigs Stopped Short On The Highway, Sent Pigs Flying Every Which Way And Caused Mass Chaos

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — Iowa City police and a semi driver ended up in a messy situation after a load of dead pigs was tossed from a semi onto Highway 1 Thursday evening. The semi driver says he was slowing for a stoplight when the “greasy” pigs started flying out of the back of the trailer, which had an open top. The pigs ended up in the eastbound lanes of Highway 1 near the intersection of Sunset Street. “It started raining pigs,” the semi driver said. Police shut down a portion of the road while a skid loader scooped up the pigs and put them back in the truck. As of seven o’clock the area remained blocked while police and the driver figured out how to clean up the mess left on the roadway, which carried a heavy stench and maggots. A passing driver said he saw more pigs on the roadway in various spots as he was driving in from Kalona.

Now you’re in Iooooooooowa.  Sing it, Alicia.  Sing it loud and proud.  Iowa through and through with this situation.  Where else can you get a story about dead pigs being launched out of the back of a semi truck and a causing a road way to be shut down for hours?  Nowhere, that’s where.  That’s the beauty of this magical place in the middle of the map.  One day we’re just like the rest of the world with our people getting drunk off two bottles of whiskey and pissing all over themselves.  That happens everywhere.  But then in the next instant we’re using a skid loader to scrape deceased pigs who were just launched through the air off the highway.  Classic us.  Come for the corn, stay for the unpredictability.  I mean how many times do you have to see a story from a big city about a homeless guy taking a dump on the subway or a homeless guy pissing himself on the subway or a homeless guy shitting and pissing himself on the subway before it’s old news?  Yawn.  Boring as shit if you ask me.  Call me when you have ham and pork chops covering your highway and causing chaos.  This is the place to be.  This is where the action is.  You’re just too blind to see it.


PS- If a girl has ever said to you, “I’ll sleep with you when pigs fly.” time to collect.

Double PS- You thought I was gonna make it through this entire thing without a lame “when pigs can fly” joke?  Think again.  I’m not above it.