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Delayed The Game, All-Time First Pitch And A Potentially Hammered Interview - Bill Walton's Night At A Padres Game Was EXACTLY How You'd Imagine it

Was this the least shocking night ever? It has to be right. I mean we’re talking about Bill Walton here. There is absolutely no surprise that he threw a ball that went so far left Walton almost toppled over. There’s no surprise he gave an interview in which he may or may not (he’s 100%) hammered. He’s going on about different types of food, he talks about how they apparently sold the most beer ever at Petco last night.

I wish I could have bet on this. There was a 100% chance and I mean 100% chance this game was going to be delayed. You think Walton is going to go deliver the lineup cards and not talk uninterrupted for 3 minutes? Have you ever listened to him call a game?

I mean the guy is a goddamn legend. Let’s just check on some Walton examples from the last season

The only thing that’s missing in the first pitch video is him rambling about random shit. I don’t know how people hate him. He’s entertaining as shit during Pac-12 games which typically are terrible. You can watch a game, see what’s going on and listen to Walton stories. It’s the beauty of late night Thursday’s.