The NFL Is Selling Official Merchandise Featuring Marshawn Lynch's Crotch Grab, The Same Crotch Grab That Will Now Result In A $20,000 Fine





Note, they have since pulled it and said they would stop selling it but it was up for sale for a solid 48 hours after they announced the future fines they’re going to give Marshawn.




Now this, this is the NFL I know and love. The NFL that had a segment called “Jacked Up” and then pretended to care about player safety. The NFL that doesn’t care about wife beaters until the tape is released and advertising dollars are in jeopardy. And yeah, I could get mad and riled about this, but it’s exactly what I’ve come to expect. They’re a big, faceless, money making operation. Must be awesome too. To be able to make piles of piles of cash even if you come across as an enormous hypocrite and greedy scumbag. No one has it better than Goodell. Obscenely wealthy, has complete job security, and a bar he set so low that he can continually barely stumble over it. I watched the Pro Bowl last night. the PRO BOWL. NFL owns my body, mind and soul and they know it.



The NFL Should Just Leave Marshawn Lynch The Hell Alone