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Surprise! Max Kellerman Is Saying Some Dumb Shit On Television Again

Jesus Christ. I know this is not the first and it certainly won’t be the last time Max Kellerman goes on TV and says some dumb ass shit, but this right here has to be close to the top. The fact that he believes Durant (and Kyrie) winning a title in Brooklyn would put him on the same level as MICHAEL JORDAN is so outrageous we have to be getting trolled. This has to be schtick, there’s no possible way any living breathing human can actually believe that. There’s moving the goalposts and then there’s whatever you’re doing to truly believe that statement.


Let’s just think about this for a second. Right now, who are the two guys who are most commonly grouped together with MJ? LeBron and Kobe, but if we want to be serious about the conversation it’s really just LeBron. Think of everything that LeBron has accomplished so far in his career

3x Champion
3x Finals MVP
4x MVP
15x All Star
12x All NBA First Team
2x All NBA Second Team
1x All NBA Third Team
5x All NBA Defensive First Team
1x All NBA Defensive Second Team
1x Scoring Champion
4th All Time in Scoring (will pass Kobe this year)

and even still HE doesn’t get to be on MJ’s level. But now after his third title and not as impressive a resume, Kevin Durant is joining the MJ conversation just because NY hasn’t won a title in forever. Last time I checked LeBron won a city their first ever title and it still wasn’t enough. Then if you want to group in Kobe and his 5 titles and accolades, that’s still more than what Durant will have accomplished if he wins a title in two years.

When you get around to talking MJ’s level, that’s the rarest of rare air. Considering he currently has half as many All NBA 1st teams, has never made an All NBA Defensive team and has 3 less MVPs, I don’t see how just 1 more title brings Durant into that rare air of MJ/LeBron/Kobe. Is he a generational talent and one of the best players to ever play in the NBA? No doubt. But we’re talking about MICHAEL JORDAN here. If Durant is going to be talked about at that level, he needs about 3-4 more titles in BKN before you can even entertain the thought. I know it’s August and there’s a need to do anything to get some buzz, but holy shit this is an all time bad take. I’d say Kellerman should be ashamed of himself but we all know he isn’t.

I don’t know what makes me more mad. Hearing him actually be serious about this or the fact that I had to talk positively about LeBron in order to show how moronic this was. Either way this take sucks.