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Does This Look Like The Face Of A New London NH Police Chief Who Was Forced To Resign After Offering To Drop Charges Against A Colbey Sawyer Chick If She Posed Naked For Him?

New London - A New Hampshire police chief accused of offering to drop charges against a college student if he allowed her to take nude photos of her has resigned this week while escaping criminal charges. Chief David Seastrand, a 27-year veteran of the New London police department, resigned on Thursday following a March 6 complaint by a woman whom he had arrested a few days earlier. ‘There was an extended attempt to bargain away her criminal charges in exchange for her allowing herself to be photographed naked,’ attorney Richard Lehmann told the Concord Monitor. ‘Obviously she refused, and frankly, it was a brave act for her to report this matter to the attorney general’s office,’ he said of the woman who is a student at nearby Colby Sawer College. The attorney general’s said it will not bring charges against Seastrand, 50, who in exchange agreed to resign and permanently relinquish his certification as a police officer. The unnamed woman had been arrested on minor charges of suspicion of underage drinking and giving a false name, according to Lehmann. He said she is now considering lawsuits against both Seastrand and the town.


What’s that old expression?  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take?  Well I certainly think that applies here.   But honestly something stinks with this story.   Like what do you mean this cop resigned while avoiding criminal charges?   How is that possible?  It’s not a crime for a police chief to try and bribe an 18 year old to take naked pictures of herself?  Don’t get me I know if I got arrested I’d love the opportunity to take nudies to avoid punishment, but I’m pretty sure this bartering system is still against the law.  So I don’t get how this cop isn’t getting in more trouble if this girl is telling the truth.  It makes no sense.