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Obama Called A Woman Attractive So Now He's A Sexist Pig



DMPresident Obama is being accused of sexism for publicly remarking on California Attorney General Kamala Harris’s good looks at a fundraiser in San Francisco on Thursday. According to a pool reporter who attended the event, Obama was doting on Harris, 48, ‘noting a couple of times that she is, objectively, easy on the eyes.’ ‘She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough…She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general,’ Obama said, adding, ‘It’s true! C’mon!’  Commentators both liberal and conservative immediately took to Twitter to blast his remarks as ‘unsettling,’ ‘disgraceful’ and ‘disrespectful.’ ‘Obama’s comment about Kamala Harris is disgraceful and really terrible for workplace equality,’ wrote Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine.


Katherine Webb round II. When will this end? A lot of times I’ll feign or exaggerate anger but I’m seething right now. What in god’s name is wrong with what Barry said? He called a woman attractive. Kamala Harris may not be a 10 but if she were to pop up in a thumbnail for some MILF porn who’s not taking a peak? Goddamn right I’ll see what it smells like. I’d have no problem seeing how she handles catching her son’s best friend sniffing her panties. Calling her attractive is the same thing as calling Obama black: there are arguments to be made on both sides but I won’t call it unsettling, disgraceful, or disrespectful.