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Family Moves Into $1.4 Million House In Westfield NJ, Immediately Get Letters From "The Watcher" Who Guards The House From Ghosts

BLOOMBERG - The New Jersey family plagued by a stalker’s spooky letters mailed to their $1.4 million dream home in Westfield has sold the six-bedroom property at a loss.

“The Watcher” house is back in the news, as the family who bought it just sold it at a loss just to get the fuck out there.  If you haven’t heard of the story, here it is…

Buying a house is one of the biggest achievements a person can make (well at least it used to be before millennials killed it, but don’t get me started, that’s a whole other blog).  The trio is get married, have kids, buy house.  I can’t even imagine the stress of owning a house – finding one, the downpayment, the mortgage, finding out the things wrong with it, the neighborhood, the noise, not being able to just call down to the doorman to have maintenance guys come up and fix your shit.  What a nightmare.

Actually though, there’s a bigger nightmare:

Being the Broaddus family!

The “Watcher” house, at the center of an unsolved criminal investigation in one of Westfield’s poshest neighborhoods…

The case gained international fame after the Broadduses sued the former owners in 2015, claiming that shortly after closing, they had received the first of a series of unnerving letters signed “The Watcher.” 

The writer claimed that for almost 20 years, he had been the home’s self-appointed supernatural guardian, a role begun by his grandfather in the 1920s.

Like I said, one of the stresses is finding out after the fact what is wrong with your house.  Most of the time it’s like, leaky pipes, bad electrical, poor insulation: moving into the Amityville Horror house is wayyyyy up above those things.  In my opinion at least.  But don’t worry guys – there is a (self-appointed) “Supernatural Guardian” of the property, who is totally not creepy at all, in any way whatsoever!:

He welcomed the Broadduses’ “young blood” and said he observed them around the house.

“Why are you here? I will find out,” one letter stated. “Who has the bedrooms facing the street? I’ll know as soon as you move in.” In his youth, the writer said, he had run “from room to room imagining the life with the rich occupants.”

He asked whether they had discovered what he had left inside the walls.

And, in a less creepy, but MUCH meaner letter:

He was disappointed with the new owners’ renovations.

You move to Westfield, which, I know, it’s in New Jersey, but I promise it’s actually nice, swear to god – it’s the 99th richest town in America.  If you HAVE to live in Jersey, it’s where you wanna be.  And these guys just happpennnnneeddd to shell out 1.4 million bucks for the one with fucking ghosts and evil spirits and its own personal stalker.

Walk into the dining room and it’s like

Exactly why I’ll always be a renter.