Sport Of The Future: Cup Snakes Are Still Very Much Allowed At Premier Lacrosse League Games

Baseball is an old and dying game. Everybody knows that. Why else would their big announcement today be that they’re basically just recreating a 1989 Kevin Costner movie? The future of baseball is in the past. So it also should come as no surprise to everybody when the MLB has been going on a crusade against fans having a little bit of fun with the Cup Snakes whilst also paying good money to attend the games. They got your money, but do they really actually care about your fan experience after that? Probably not.

But in comes the Premier Lacrosse League. Everybody knows that lacrosse is the sport of the future. And part of that future means that it’s time to start putting the fans first. The PLL wants to make sure that all of their fans who work hard all week just to be able to afford tickets to the games can enjoy their experience as much as possible (responsibly speaking, of course). So if the fans want to get the Cup Snakes going and build themselves an anaconda? Far be it from the PLL to go on a power trip and ruin their fun just for the sake of being a fun sucker. And not only will they let you have yourself a day with the cup snake, but the players will then come by after the game to pay tribute and respect your efforts.

The MLB is the mean old man yelling at kid’s to get off his lawn when they accidentally lose their ball over there. The PLL is the cool dad on the block who takes a celebrity shot to end the game.