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Jadakiss Doing A Bunch Of Pull Ups While Wearing Timbs Is Incredibly Impressive

Holy shit! I’ll be honest, the first time I watched the video I didn’t realize it was Jadakiss, I just thought it was some random New Yorker getting his reps in for the day but nope. That’s mother fucking Jadakiss! The Kiss of Death himself. Listen I’ve lived in NYC for almost three years at this point and seeing folks doing push ups in public where no push up bar exists is a somewhat common occurrence. People who aren’t keen on paying $400 a month for an Equinox membership decide to make Gotham City their gym. Part of me thinks you can’t consider yourself a true New Yorker unless you’ve done pull up on a crosswalk bar.

But that right there is why Jadakiss is as hard as it gets, because he can do a million push ups (“he never even did a full push up so it doesn’t count” grow up) in the middle of NYC while wearing timbs. No joke those timbs have to add at least 10 pounds to his body weight and Jada still pumped’em out like a champ. If you had walked up to me today and asked how many pull ups I think rapper Jadakiss can do my number would’ve been a strong zero, no more no less. No chance I would’ve said he can put on a full blown pull up display like he did. I’m very impressed.