A Kucherov "No Move" In August? We'll Take It!

This is my promise to you- any time we can get a Kucherov “no move” in August, we will blog it. That’s just the rules of the road, my friends. I am CRAVING hockey content right about now. My thirst for it is unquenchable. I’m going deep in rabbit holes of old Caps YouTube videos. Bondra’s 5 goal game? One of my earliest memories.


The Pop Up Video “Let’s Go Caps” video? Still got that sucker on VHS somewhere.

And my favorite goal of all time. God bless you DSP. What an effort, what a goal, what a guy.

But anywho, the Kucherov no move is my favorite move since the Forsberg.

I could watch players do the Forsberg all day. And I think I will!


Bring me hockey nowwwwwwwwwww.