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Dennis Rodman Was Made For Tik Tok

Listen I am not afraid to show my level of washedness. Everyone reaches that point in their life where social media apps pass you by and for me that’s Tik Tok. I understand it’s a monster, I understand it’s the future of some sort, and maybe it’s because KenJac has scarred me with his Tik Tok threads but it certainly seems like there are some…..interesting cats on there. Well if there’s one thing I know, it’s that there may not be a better person on the planet built for this app more than Dennis Rodman. It’s shocking that he wasn’t the first user they ever had. This just seems like something right up his alley. That video above was his debut video and all I know is I’m sitting here craving more.

You may remember his appearance on KFC radio/ATI a few months ago

and then his pizza review last year

So you should know by now everything this man does is must watch. There wasn’t even anything all that crazy about his Tik Tok video and I couldn’t look away. That’s the Dennis Rodman effect. I don’t know where he learned that mix of tai chi/karate but it was certainly impressive. Also impressive was his decision to not karate chop Shaq, because we all know you don’t mess with this dude

Much more believable that he would bitch slap LeBron, in fact it’s too bad we never got to see prime Rodman face off against LeBron. He’d probably put him in a headlock and give him a noogie ruining his hair plugs until he screamed uncle. Who knows where this new world of Dennis Rodman on Tik Tok will lead us, perhaps even world peace, but I have no doubt it will be entertaining and I may just have to finally download this app just so I don’t miss another post.

Speaking of Rodman, what a monster this dude was back in the day.