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Wake Up Bartolo Colon Getting Spun Like A Top And Losing His Helmet While Striking Out
Look at how graceful this man looks. The way he spins around after flailing at a pitch he had no chance to hit. The bat twirls, the helmet tumbles, his belly shakes, his perm moves all around, what a guy. While I do love watching Bartolo have less than a 0% chance at hitting a pitch and striking out 99% of the time, this is why we don't need pitchers hitting. It's pointless. Sure SOMETIMES you'll have a chubby pitcher get a hold of one, but most of the time this is what we end up with. Now I will laugh at this every time, but it's bad baseball. And as a man that has watched every single Orioles game this season, I know bad baseball. So yes, I'll laugh at this, I'll giggle at Bart spinning like a ballerina and all his equipment falling all over the place, but I'm not in favor of it.