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Chris Davis Trying To Fight HIS MANAGER In The Dugout Is An Insane Move
Check out the BALLS on Chris Davis, a guy who had the worst offensive season a baseball player has ever had last year, and a guy batting .183 going into this game. I mean the onions to GO AFTER YOU MANAGER AFTER HE PINCH HITS FOR YOU. Jesus Christ man, this may be it for him. I don't know how he can even be upset that Hyde put in Jace Peterson for the guy who can't hit his weight and is still owed somewhere around $70 million. Not the best idea at all. Hyde obviously said something to Davis, and the former MVP candidate didn't like it. It could have been from two defensive plays that Hyde thought Davis could make, one was a pop up that fell in foul territory, and another was a ball in the dirt that Davis normally fields. He didn't make either play.  Hyde turned around to walk away and Davis had to be held back by Mark Trumbo (shocker, Trumbo stopping all the fun), and hitting coach, Don Long. I mean I can only imagine what Hyde said to Davis to get him that fired up. The guy has heard it all, not just from opposing fans, but from his fans too. I get you're frustrated because you are possibly the worst player in baseball, but Jesus Christ man, keep your composure. There are some bad things you can do in baseball, but going after your manager is probably at the top of the list. So what on earth could his manager say to him that caused him to snap? What a bad look for Davis.