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Clean Your Shorts. The Cubs Just Signed Jonathan Lucroy.


Anytime baseball new breaks I’m obligated to remind the world that I absolutely hate the baseball media. It’s such a circle jerk I don’t even know where to start or finish, just that I hate them and their little club. These are the dinosaurs that have run MLB’s public image directly into the ground. Ever think that maybe the reason baseball players aren’t marketable is because the media arm responsible for the coverage is more concerned with themselves? Anyone out there ever willing to throw some shade on them for turning an eye to steroids? Cocaine? The changes in the ball this year? I mean for fuckssake fellas, Barry Bonds is on the backburner indefinitely for no other reason than what he and I share in common: pure and utter contempt for the media.




He and his 81 OPS+ and -0.9 WAR join the Cubs coming off a recent concussion. At 33 and in his 10th year, Lucroy is about 5 seasons removed from any notable productivity.

That said, pitchers like throwing to him and the Cubs need catching depth. He’s old and cheap, knows his shit and again is an extremely well liked teammate. My v good buddy spent a summer with him back in college. They were teammates and lived together and shit for some summer team in Wisconsin. Long story short he loves this dude to death and said one of his favorite people ever. So 2nd hand source, right from the mouth of carl, Lucroy is supposed to be A+++ character.

So at least he’s got that going for him because dear God he needs something.

Next order of business = Willson Cone-treras:

Probably a lot more serious than we thought. Probably not coming back at 100% for a good time. Probably kinda fucked. This is something steroids could solve but he probably won’t do them and that’s where I’m at a crossroads. Need this guy healthy year round and it goes back to the Cubs giving him time off. Obviously they want him fresh because they know how vital he is. So that tells me this might be a bigger hole than we are accepting but what the fuck do I know. Cubs are currently winning 9-1 in the bottom of the 7th and looking at a 5/6 homestand against 2 good teams.

Next 4 days in Cinci are going to be a grind. Castillo coming. Bauer coming. I can’t wait to see how the boys respond to the next road trip. Something tells me Castellabos has put them into the next gear.