Manhattan Doctor Offering Free Cosmetic Surgery In Exchange For Dates With Women

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NY Post – A pompous Park Avenue surgeon is offering free cosmetic services in exchange for dates with women who meet his incredibly exacting standards — “very skinny” dress size 0-2, white, aged 27-35, graduate of an Ivy League school, “Type B” personality (not “Type A” like him), and a rating of 8 or 9 on a 1-to-10 attractiveness scale. Dr. Emil Chynn, 47, who runs Park Avenue LASEK, blasted out his matchmaking criteria and compensation plan to random attendees of a New Jersey networking event — whose cards he scooped up for potential matches, not business.  After striking out with the city’s top matchmakers who charge up to $1,000 per date, the Harvard-educated doctor created a “win-win” situation where he offers his services as thank-you gifts for hot dates. For a first date, he’ll shell out a $100 reward. He’ll offer free eyelash-enhancer Latisse or pay $200 for the second date; he’ll offer free Botox or pay $300 for a third date; he’ll offer free Juvederm injections or $400 for a fourth date; and free Lasek surgery on one eye worth $2,000 or $500 cash for a fifth date. But his requirements are extreme. He won’t even see the potential date unless she fits his exacting criteria — including having no children, having a college degree and living a healthy lifestyle. “These are my Hard (Objective) Dating Parameters which are NOT Flexible,” he wrote in a mass e-mail. “This means I am only willing to pay for introductions if ALL these criteria are met, if you want to set me up w someone missing 1 of these criteria, I may accept, but will not pay for that.”

You know what is by far the cockiest part of this scam? Dr. Chynn giving free Lasek surgery on only one eye as the grand prize for making it to the 5th date. The 100 dollar reward for a first date is a real nice touch. A nice, basic, money-for-services exchange that really sets the “I’m gonna treat you like a street walking whore” tone for the relationship. But a month or so later, you’ll be a one-eyed whore with brand new 20/20 vision in one of your peepers! Squint for me bitch! We’re on our 6th date! Blow me and I’ll think about fixing up that other eye of yours.

But its like they always say – you end up paying for it one way or the other. Whether you have a girlfriend under normal circumstances and she’s taking 500 bucks out of your paycheck every week because you’re taking her out to dinner or buying her gifts, or you’re bribing broads to fuck you with Lasek surgery in one eye, it all comes out in the wash. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.