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Cop Lets Kid In LeBron James Jersey Do Push-Ups To Get Out Of Drinking Ticket

There’s alot of shit going on in this city.

CPD is way too busy to be worried about giving every Tom, Dick, and Harry a drinking ticket. That’s just a fact whether some assholes will complain about this or not. BUT, the blue has to do a better job identifying who’s deserving of a free pass just based on what jersey they are wearing. Yellow LeBron Lakers? That’s the easiest no go of the century.

Do these two cops have no respect for MJ? Do they have no respect for the D-Rose/Noah era where we couldn’t get past that asshole in the playoffs for years? What about this hard working baker that he blew off after she baked him a $3,000 birthday cake? I can go on and on here. Just not a great look by the force.

They should put these guys on foot patrol in Lincoln Park Zoo as punishment for the rest of the Summer to call it even. That has to be a miserable assignment, right? Smelling animal shit all day around kids while knowing that you gotta jump in the Harambe tank if shit hits the fan.