"I Was Bullied In High School For Playing The Bongos" - Introducing The Most Effective Anti-Bullying Campaign I've Ever Seen

The title and tweet basically write the blog itself. Like yeah you think you’re cool for picking on Dave because he isn’t interested in getting destroyed in dodgeball day in and day out. He preferred music class with the triangle and the rhythm sticks

6f74d8595aae79731d5bec4bf21917f3Keep in mind this is back before the internet and back before you could escape to your wifi and nerd out with other people on the internet. You had no idea other people out there were just like you, loving the bongos, just trying to fit in and have some fun. So you grind each day, keeping your head down and trying to make it through the day without being roasted. Reminds me of the time I was an unpaid blogger for barstool trying to get people to care about the Cubs during a 100 loss season. Survive and advance until the grass turns greener.

Well here we are folks. I’m writing a blog and dave is fucking these bongos like they just got into a huge fight that could only be settled with passionate and robust love making.

Finally a power ranking of the coolest instruments you can play in highschool

5. Bass Drum – the big boy

4. Saxaphone – the GOAT

3. Sliding trumpet – idk if that’s the name but whatever

2. French Horn – super fancy obviously

1. Color guard / flag guys – no respect yet they show up each and every day. If you’re a color guard guy send me an email and we’ll get you on Dog Walk with Eddie. Dying to know what your high school experience was like.