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CJ McCollum Is Relieved Kawhi Didn't Go To The Lakers Because They'd Have A World War II Situation

CJ McCollum is an interesting dude. I love listening to him talk because he’s one of those people that will say whatever the hell he’s thinking. He doesn’t give the typical bullshit canned answers that we always hear. That’s what I want as a fan.

Now as a history nerd and basketball lunatic? Yeah, toss those together and you won me over. I’m glad Kawhi didn’t go to the Lakers too because of World War II. Just an unbelievable reference, I was hoping he’d go even more in depth and calling out who would be Winston Churchill and FDR.

What he really is saying though is it shows what all the players are thinking. They were sort of over the absolute superteam. The Blazers are a good team – I mean obviously, they made the Western Conference Finals last year. They have their backcourt set for the next 5 years with CJ and Dame. They actually improved their depth and talent around these two (along with getting Nurkic back from injury).


But, he still knew that if Kawhi went to the Lakers, it’s fairly close to over on paper. Now he can feel relieved because it’s NBA Jam style across the league. You have Dame/CJ, Kawhi/Paul George, LeBron/AD, Steph/Klay, Mitchell/Conley and Jokic/Murray all out West. That doesn’t even include the Kings getting better, the Pelicans making smart moves and the Spurs who just win 45 games every year.

I need CJ to make more historical references. At the minimum do more interviews, because they tend to be gold