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Has ESPN's Chad Ford Been Retroactively Changing His NBA Draft Analysis To Make Himself Look Like A Genius?

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So this was uncovered last night on the NBA Reddit (click here for the full breakdown). Basically, it looks like Chad Ford goes back a couple years after the fact and changes his Big Board, moves all the good players up and bad players down so that he can be like see! I predicted all of these crazy sleepers and busts. Absolutely hysterical. Does Chad Ford understand how the internet works? Does he get that once you put up a prediction it’s there forever? Just such a slimeball move to go back and try to make yourself look like a genius by moving players up and down after years of actual nba data. How fucking stupid is that? Tune in Next Monday for my Super Bowl pick everyone, it’s going to be a doozy.




Really need Chad to get me out of this one.


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