Of Course PYT Burger Lied About Their 'Burger/Fries A Day For A Year' Groupon

r/Philly - The “$144 for One Burger and Fries a Day for a Year at PYT ($4,380 Value)” is now not what the restaurant originally advertised in their Groupon deal. Up until today the Groupon did not state “Not Valid for Carry-Out” in the fine print. That was only added today, after hundreds of people bought the deal. There was even a question in the Q + A answered with “Yes, this can be used for dine-in or take-out”. The question was deleted today, but I luckily took a screen cap on my phone last night.

Original Take-Out PROOF:

I was only interested in this deal because while I do enjoy their food very much, I dislike their service and do not care to sit and dine in the restaurant.
To me it’s a straight SCAM, advertise a too good to be true product then change the rules to get people in the doors hopefully bringing friends. How do you let people buy this deal then change a large aspect of it? True PYT scummy service.
I already tried posting a question about this and asked for a refund. No answer yet. If you were solely interested in the take-out part of the deal, I would message Groupon and ask for a refund immediately.

Original Bullshit Blog Here

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Nobody should really be that shocked. In fact, I’m just waiting for them to cancel the deal all together and leave the people who bought the Groupon in the dust. That place is filled with big backs of dicks left and right. A hipster dufus infused restaurant run by the douchebaggiest owner on Earth. Everything associated with PYT is all about exposure and not about substance. And it’s not even the changed stipulation that matters. Of course it’s smarter for them to make people dine-in while on this deal. If you’re eating there you’re more likely to get drinks/desserts/the works. But what really chaps the asses is they specifically stated that TAKEOUT WAS INCLUDED IN THE DEAL, and blatantly reneged on the entire premise. A lot of people bought the Groupon solely based on that fact. No class, honor or respect for their customers. Hey, you want to get shitty service and spend $15 on a crappy burger that’s “unique” because it’s stuffed between 2 glazed donuts? Go nuts. Give me 500 Degrees or give me death, which is most likely included for how much cow I’ve eaten at that wonderful place.


BONUS: Insight from a former chef at PYT. Somebody get Jon Taffer in to eviscerate the place then SHUT IT DOWN. (click to enlarge)