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Congrats To The New England Patriots On Winning The Super Bowl Before The Season Even Started

Never in all my years of internetting has a single photoshop made me laugh as hard as this did. That’s not hyperbole either. It took me 15 minutes to collect myself up off the ground to type this blog. Mr. 17.5 took his Twitter avatar, hit save, and made someone on his graphic design team cook up what can only be considered the Mona Lisa of modern day photoshopping. This is a goddamn masterpiece. Snow Brady throwing for 4,700 yards with a 6:1 TD:INT ratio and leading his team down the gridiron for game-winning drive after game-winning drive. With this kind of energy now out in the universe I don’t see any conceivable way in which the Patriots don’t hoist Lombardi #7 in Miami this February. The only question that remains is whether or not they’ll go 19-0. With Vegas scrambling in light of this Jeezy news I haven’t been able to place my wager yet but as soon as those new lines go up you can guarantee I’ll be first at the window to put my life savings on an undefeated season coming soon and very soon.