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Want To Be A McDonald's Cashier? Hope You Have Your Bachelor's!




(WashExaminer) With colleges producing more graduates, and youth unemployment at a sky-high 11.5 percent, even landing a job selling Big Macs is getting competitive. Consider: A job opening at a Massachusetts McDonald’s restaurant for a full-time cashier requires one to two years experience and a bachelor’s degree. “Get a weekly paycheck with a side order of food, folks and fun,” offered McDonalds. It is not clear if the fast-food restaurant really wants that kind of experience or is fishing for the highest-qualified applicants. The website for the Winchedon, Mass., McDonald’s also lists jobs in Spanish.


Who the hell does McDonalds think they’re kidding here? No one believes this. There’s just absolutely zero chance that Mickey fucking D’s expects to land a bunch of bachelor’s grads with 1-2 years in the pushing buttons with pictures on them industry. They’re peacocking. Pretending they deserve more than they really do. I don’t blame them, I do the same thing with women. I say I’ll only date a wicked hot girl. Talk about how my wife will need to be a total milf and how I wouldn’t bother talking to a chick in the bar unless she’s a 9. But guess what? When push comes to shove I don’t get anywhere near those level of prospects so I take what I can get. Same goes for McDonald’s. We can both aim high but at the end of the night I’ll be going home with someone I’m embarrassed of and they’ll be hiring the Spanish applicant.