Actor Made Fun Of For The Way He Throws A Football, Goes Outside And Proves To The World He Actually Knows How To

So yesterday this video started making it’s way around the internet

A scene from some movie where an actor throws a football in a truly preposterous way. I blogged it. Then a bunch of people started tweeting about it, including Colin Cowherd, and it started going viral all over the place. People were flat out flummoxed as to why someone would throw a football that way, it’s just not how you throw a football. Simple as that. I said it looked like he had never thrown a football in his life because that’s exactly what it looked like.

Well the actor responded last night.

First with a tweet

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 7.50.56 AM

I don’t know shit about TV production but that seems like a reasonable explanation I suppose, you don’t want to damage a bunch of expensive equipment. But he still should’ve realized what he looked like as he was throwing the football and asked to do a couple more takes, so that’s on him. It’s really funny that he’s been dreading this exact moment ever since he saw the movie and how bad the throw looks.


I picture him watching a screening of the movie, probably pretty excited to see himself up on the silver screen or whatever basement they screen movies that air on FREEFORM, and then the throwing scene rolls around

Then he put up a video of himself throwing a football in the street

Better! Much better.