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Kid In Buffalo Area Bantam Hockey Game Pulls Off 'The Michigan'

It was almost 20 years ago now that Mike Legg first pulled off “The Michigan” against Minnesota in ’96. And almost 20 years later, the move is still as slick as ever. Even more so when you take into consideration that this kid is probably 14 or 15 years old and has the nuts to pull that type of move in a game situation. The most impressive part of this whole video is look at how much time has gone by in the game already. We’re almost through 2 full periods, which means that that’s 2 full periods of ice building up on this kid’s blade. Maybe it’s because I just suck, but once warm-ups are over you can bet your sweet ass that I don’t have enough friction left on my blade to pull a move like that. And here comes little snot-nosed Johnny who has his algebra homework to do after the game pulling the Michigan with ease. Slick. Definitely gonna get some hand jibbers for that.

h/t Puck Daddy

P.S. – Need to know a little more about what this dude’s deal is.


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