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Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez Made His Wrestling Debut This Weekend And He's Absurdly Great

I’ll be honest – I’ve only seen one clip from Cain Velasquez’s professional wrestling debut this Sunday at AAA TripleMania, and it’s the above GIF. Still, I’m running with my headline, calling Velasquez “absurdly great”, because no 6-foot-1/240lb/37 year old man should be able to do that, let alone one who was knocked out and had his leg snapped in half in a fight with Francis Ngannou just this year! I mean what the fuck?!?! Cain, ditch the real shit and start bumping, homie! Trust me, I know wrestling ain’t all rainbows and roses, but if I’m already a legend in Mexico to the point of cakes showing up upon my arrival in the country…


…I ain’t stepping into a cage where the man across from me is trying to kill me ever again. Not when the lucha thing is clearly a perfect alternative route that could prove to be VERY profitable in the near future. Especially for a guy with a win over Brock Lesnar…

I hope AEW does sign Cain to some kinda deal. I’d love to see more of him, especially there, and maybe under these circumstances. They’ve got more than enough talent to cover up whatever the greenest aspects of his game are, and Cody’s already talking very highly of him, deservedly so. Fingers crossed, I guess! Wrestling’s weird and wild in 2019!