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Feel Good Story Of The Day: Chinese Firefighters Rescue 5 Puppies From Burning Building, Resuscitate Them and Reunite Them With Their Mother


This is the heartwarming moment firemen rescue five unconscious puppies from a burning factory and perform CPR on the pups before their grateful mum runs onto the scene.

The blaze occurred in Mei Village in the Xinwu District of east China‘s Jiangsu Province after firefighters received a call warning them a factory was burning.

Footage shows a firefighter working to resuscitate one of the black puppies by pressing down on the pup’s rib cage with his thumbs.

Click the ‘source’ link above for the better video, our site stinks and it won’t embed properly

SEE!!!  Not ALL is bad in the world.  It was a shitty weekend for obvious reasons, and stories like this offer just a little bit of much needed stress relief, even this took place in China.  Shoutout to these firefighters for their rescue mission and big ups to the lil pups for pulling through.  That mother dog had to have been freaking the fuck out.

And this is why dogs are the goddamn best things on earth.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t pull up my timeline to see a story or video about a dog without going, “awwww”.  Like this one:

Nothing but love in that dog’s heart.  Notice the breed too.  Dogs man, the ultimate cure for any type of anxiety.  Sunday scaries?  Order up a ‘za, curl up on the couch with the dog, and toss him a few pieces.  Need exercise?  Take him to the beach and let him or her swim and play fetch for a few hours.   You’ll instantly feel better.  Name one other thing on earth that is 100% always happy to see you, no matter how short or long you’ve been gone for. You can’t.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve been on tour in the Middle East for a few months:


Or you walk across the street to get something from the gas station… dogs greet you at the front door like they’ve been waiting to see you for years.  Goddamnit I love those animals.