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Football Is Officially Back Thanks To This Ridiculous Punt Return In The CFL

Football is officially officially back a few different times throughout the year. Usually the first time that football is back is at the Draft. But you can only talk about draft picks for so long, so that usually ends up lasting a couple of weeks. Then football is back for OTAs, but that usually lasts just a couple of days before everyone remembers you’re just watching a bunch of guys throw a ball around in shorts. Then football is back when NFL training camps open up. But after seeing a few flashy plays against a defense that is only going 50% and you get yourself a training camp fight or two, you’re pretty over the training camp portion of the “football is officially back”. Same thing goes for the Hall of Fame Game and the rest of preseason. You try to convince yourself that football is back, but you know deep down inside that it’s not the same until week 1 is actually here.


You can mark it down on your calendar right now in ink that this punt return from DeVonte Dedmon in the CFL was the day that football is officially officially back. It’s back harder than it’s ever been back before. Just look at this shit.

Now maybe it’s because this was in Canada and everybody was just trying to hip check him like a hockey game instead of gripping up and actually tackling. But regardless, there were at least 3 or 4 moments there where the basic laws of physics were thrown out the window because there’s no explaining how he was able to stay up. So maybe just avoid kicking the ball to DeVonte Dedmon until we get some scientists in here to explain just what the hell is going on here.