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We As A Country Are Not Making A Big Enough Deal Out Of The Fact That Mark Brunell Cried Over A Deflated Football On National Television




I know this was posted yesterday but I needed to post it with a non Patriots spin on it. This right here, this should be what America is talking about. Forget Deflategate, the whole thing has been blown wildly out of proportion. But Mark Brunell crying about about a football’s lack of air, that’s truly incredible. And don’t get me wrong here, this isn’t me trying to be a big bad tough guy saying men should never cry. Men can cry whenever they want to (when their dog dies or at the end of Rudy), no this is me being a rational human being and realizing that anyone who cries over a deflated football deserves all the ridicule in the world. I’m actually still having trouble comprehending the entire thing. It happened over 12 hours ago and I still am sitting here just repeating the same sentence. “Mark Brunnell cried about a deflated football”. That sentence is absolutely absurd. We have lost our god damn minds. A grown man cried on national television about a football. To steal a clip from my good friend Chris Berman….