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So Apparently Drinking Urine Is The Key To Being Healthy AF?


A woman who has been drinking her own urine and rubbing it on her face for over a decade claims it improves her skin and overall health.

Ruby Karyo, 30, from Glen Burnie, Maryland, has been gulping down her morning urine and spritzing it on her face since she was 19 years old.

The controversial practice, known as ‘urine therapy’ has made Ruby the source of much derision, but she is determined to spread the word.

The writer and sales representative has even persuaded her boyfriend to try drinking his pee to quell his hair loss.

***WARNING: The next GIF is VERY not safe for lunch (NSFL)***

Jesus Christ!  Home girl put down that piss like the dude from the Man Show years back:

Absolutely reckless.  And I’m not even talking about being a weirdo drinks piss yet.  I’m talking about Ruby’s piss being yellow as can be.  Hey Ruby!  You’re some weirdo health freak who drinks piss!!  Mix in an Ice Mountain or two throughout the day, toots!  That’s literally step one to being healthy.

That said, I kinda love these stories.  They make me feel so normal.  I *try* to eat healthy and exercise a decent amount even though my healthy cycles are only like… Monday and Tuesday every week before I reward myself for being healthy with pizza and booze.  But then I read these stories about how people are using piss, feces and cum to exfoliate and shit like that and think to myself “yep I’m doing just fine”.


And like… her face looks completely normal.  If she had some crystal clear complexion I’d give her the benefit of the doubt and be like “yeah maybe spraying piss on my face with a Windex bottle is the way to go” but like… naw. Fuck outta here trying to tell me it combats diabetes and all that.  Ya know what else combats diabetes?  Mixing in some chicken breasts and broccoli then hitting the elliptical for like 20 mins.