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Moon Gravity Cheat Unlocked: Mitchie Brusco Becomes First Skateboarder To Land A 1260

20 years ago Tony Hawk landed the first ever 900 at X Games 1999. It was ridiculous at the time but now we’re at a point where you could pretty much show up to any skate park in America and find yourself a 12-year-old who can stomp out a 900 with ease. I mean maybe not any skate park in America, but the times have definitely changed. The 900 used to be a trick that only the greatest vert skater in the world could pull off, and now we have kids landing them during recess.

But if you’re talking to any casual sports fan who really only knows skateboarding through the Tony Hawk video games, they’ll tell you that the 900 is still the pinnacle of vert. It’s kind of like how people would still say someone like Alex Rodriguez is the face of the MLB despite the fact that, ya know, he’s retired. So 20 years later, skateboarding needs a new trick. Which brings us to Mitchie Brusco, who decided to throw an extra 360 into the mix.

The craziest thing is that he didn’t even win gold at this event. He took the silver but I feel like if you’re the first person to ever land a certain trick, that should be an auto-gold. That’s the kind of bullshit where if this was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, you’d rage quit with zero hesitation. Might even snap the disc in half. For shame.