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With The Red Sox Season Over, Wake Up With The Last Day Of The 2011 MLB Season
What a night for baseball this was, maybe my favorite day ever. Last day of the season and so much was still on the line. You had the Red Sox and Rays fighting for the Wild Card spot, the Cardinals were trying to get into the playoffs and hoping for a Braves loss, huge comebacks, long rain delays, I mean this day really had it all. I could go into it all, but that would take forever. Lets just say the best part was the Red Sox looking absolutely STUNNED that the Orioles were able to knock them out and send them packing. This night caused a chain reaction to happen, Tito never managed the Sox again, it jumpstarted the Orioles to a wild card berth in 2012, it was just an all around awesome night. You can't even really pick the best moment. Is it Robert Andino scoring the winning run in Baltimore and yelling at all the Red Sox fans in Camden Yards to "GO THE FUCK HOME!" (PS. This was the last time Jared Carrabis was at Camden Yards), or was it Evan Longoria putting the finishing touches on a 7-0 comeback against the Yankees with his walkoff homer in extras? You be the judge. What a damn day.