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It Sure Looks Like Diddy Is Dating His Son's 22 Year Old Ex-Girlfriend Lori Harvey And Is On Vacation With Her And Her Family (She's Steve Harvey's Daughter)

E Online- As the saying goes: When in Rome! Sean “Diddy” Combs and Lori Harvey were spotted hanging out together again, but this time, the two were seen getting lunch with Lori’s famous father, Steve Harvey. On Saturday, the hip hop mogul and the 22-year-old star were all smiles and seemed to enjoy a beautiful sunny day in Nerano, Italy. During their day time outing, the 62-year-old talk show host and his wife Marjorie Harvey joined the pair for a fancy feast. Of course, Diddy and Lori’s recent hang out has only added more fuel to the romance rumors swirling around. Just a few weeks ago, the two were spotted on a romantic stroll in New York City. The pair were seen taking a midnight walk in the Soho neighborhood. What’s more? They looked tew cute in their matching outfits. While the two could simply be close friends, fans are speculating something more is brewing.


Holy hell what a situation we have brewing between Diddy, his son and his son’s 22 year ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey. You never wanna see an ex with someone else because it’s painful and makes you feel shitty but now imagine that someone else is your 49 year old rich and famous dad. That’s the situation Justin Combs currently finds himself. I mean what the hell is Diddy thinking here? I know money makes people do crazy things, and Diddy has a whoooooole lot of money, but stealing your son’s girlfriend is some wild shit man. There’s so many other fish in the sea when you’re worth close to a billion dollars so it’s borderline cruel to reel in your son’s ex. Although maybe Lori got bored with Justin and wanted to see what the deal with Diddy was. That’s obviously her right but it’s gonna make for a very VERY uncomfortable Thanksgiving at the Combs household.

It’s like this scene in Step Brothers except in reverse

Lori had the young calf and has moved onto the old bull. You know what I’d do if I were Justin Combs? Even the score. If I’m Justin, I shoot my shot at Diddy’s ex Cassie. Right now Diddy rightfully thinks he’s the winner in this whole situation but Justin can get the last laugh if he starts knocking boots with Cassie. That’d be my next move, just start sleeping with as many of Diddy’s exes as I could.

And on top of all that, there’s Steve Harvey. Poor poor Steve Harvey. The look on his face in those pictures made me really feel for the man. All he can do is sit there and watch as his little girl jumps from Combs to Combs. At some point though, Steve has to get a few too many margaritas in his system during their Italy vacation, grab Diddy by the collar and be like, “What the FUCK are you doing?????” Maybe punch him in the face a few times to get the message across. What a bizarre situation.