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7-Time All Star Joe Johnson Remains A Star

I’m like 96% serious when I say the Celtics should sign Joe Johnson. It’s clear to anyone and everyone with eyeballs that this dude remains a bucket at the highest level to this day. The Triplets were down 10 at halftime, which in the NBA isn’t a lot. But in The Big 3, where games only go to 50, a 10-point deficit is a massive gap. Didn’t particularly matter to Iso Joe. What better way to end it than a stepback FOUR right in your defender’s grillmix. I can’t wait til “Big Three MVP” is the final accolade that pushes Joe Johnson into the basketball Hall of Fame. Well earned and deserved.

And for anyone still even a little hesitant to get into The Big 3. just look at Gary Payton’s reaction to this shot. That man is FURIOUS. No chance he sleeps tonight. This game was as real to him as any he’s ever been a part of in his life and he wasn’t even playing in this one. The Glove is going to have his team running suicides all week after blowing this one.