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Lil Wayne Performed His Own Remix Of 'Old Town Road' At Lollapalooza

The world needed it and we got it, Lil Wayne getting in on the worldwide phenomenon that is Old Town Road. Many versions of the song have come out since it became a smash hit but, if there’s one man in the world who can take someone’s else song and make it even better, it’s Dwayne ‘Lil Wayne’ Carter. The man is the best ever at it so it’s no surprise he decided to take a shot at the longest-running #1 song ever. Lil Wayne is at his very best when he jumps on someone else’s song.

I still can’t believe my ears when I hear what he did on the T.I.’s ‘Top Back’ beat

Seat Down Low is the song that comes to mind when I hear the beginning of that Mannie Fresh beat. That’s how good he is on that song, he’s so good that he replaced the original in my mind. Pretty much the entirety of Da Drought 3 is like that. It’s Lil Wayne taking the beats from popular songs and making them way better than the originals. So yeah, it’s good to see he’s got his eyes on Old Town Road. Lil Nas X needs to hit up Weezy and get in the studio ASAP so we can get a quality sounding version.

Here’s another example of Lil Wayne completely dominating the beat of a popular song

The list goes on and on and on and on and on. 2007 Lil Wayne was an all-consuming, all-world, unstoppable, insatiable rapping monster.