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President Donald Trump Wishes Colby Covington Luck In This Evening's UFC Main Event

Pretty surreal tweet from the President of the United States, there, just ONE DAY following this surreal tweet from the President…


…as Donald Trump himself is wishing Colby Covington luck in his fight with Robbie Lawler coming up on ESPN in just a bit. If you’re unfamiliar with Colby Covington, consider yourself lucky. He’s an incredibly talented fighter whose entire personality is that he voted for and supports Trump. He hates PC culture, soy boys, virgins, Elizabeth Warren, snowflakes…you get the jist. He hits on all of the buzzwords. He’s incredibly awkward in his delivery of the usual Trump phrases, though, notoriously, and he largely comes off as cringeworthy more than anything else.

The Trumps obviously appreciate his support anyways, as both Eric and Donald Jr are in attendance cageside tonight to return some of that support back to Colby.

What a world! Good for him on taking this gimmick to such an absurd level that he’s got a sitting President wishing him luck, I guess!